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  • Leo Heremans Originals
    Leo Heremans from Vorselaar is a legend in international pigeon racing. His National winners and Olympic champions are well known all over the world.
    End time: 2022-08-20 15:30:00      Quantity:6
  • Belgian Super Stars

    End time: 2022-08-20 16:00:00      Quantity:9
  • Marcel Wouters
    The exceptional team of racing pigeons from Westmalle had caught the attention of Dirk Van Dijck. He paid Marcel a visit with a granddaughter of Broer Rambo to …
    End time: 2022-08-21 15:30:00      Quantity:8
  • Kittel Special

    End time: 2022-08-21 16:00:00      Quantity:6
  • Dutch Super Stars

    End time: 2022-08-21 16:30:00      Quantity:8
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