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Jan Hooymans Originals


All over the world fanciers know Jan Hooymans and his legendary breeding cock ‘Harry’ the bird that passed away in 2018. The list of succesfull descendants seems to be endless. Also in the year 2018, more and more outstanding results came in. A tribute to the passed away ancestor!


Jan Hooymans from Kerkdriel is an established name in pigeon racing. He runs a successful fertilizer company that produces fertilizer for mushroom farms. He is a fancier with a worldwide reputation: fanciers from all over the world have noticed his remarkable results. He became a national star in the early 1990s, achieving excellent results and top prizes in the marathon races, especially Barcelona and other ZLU races. Because he was once again building a new composting and he became more busier at that time, Jan looked for someone who went into the lofts full time, 7 days a week. And so, starting in 2009 with the arrival of Piet Broeders. Since his arrival, the race performances improved with great strides… it resulted in many NPO top 10 placings and the discovery of world-class super crack “Harry”.


In 2015, his tasks were handed over a fresh new team, where Mario mainly focuses on taking care of the racing team and Christian on the breeding team. Both under the supervision of Jan. As a team they are motivated to the bone in order to achieve peak performances and to share the fun of the sport with everybody all over the world. In 2018 the legendary breeding cock ‘Harry’ passed away. A sad moment for Jan and his team. Luckily his descendants like ‘Beauty Harry’, ‘Harry Junior’ and ‘New Harry’ are there to uphold the name of their ancestor.


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