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Marcel Wouters Full Round 5

The exceptional team of racing pigeons from Westmalle had caught the attention of Dirk Van Dijck. He paid Marcel a visit with a granddaughter of Broer Rambo to ask for a joint breeding. It was then that the breeding qualities of De Leeuw really started to show. He bred De Bourges (6472084/04) when paired to kleindochter broer Rambo. The De Bourges was in turn, sire of the 2nd and 7th nat. Bourges 20,544 pigeons, 3rd prov. Orleans 4,877 pigeons, 1st Ace Pigeon St-Job Middle Distance Old birds 2010 and 2nd Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Old Birds ZAV.
Jos Vercammen from Vremde had also noticed that Marcel had won no less than six victories in the short middle distance in 2010 in St. Job, a national club that is considered one of the strongest in Belgium. That is why a few pigeons from Westmalle were moved to Vremde, including Elektro (6174630/08). This son of Den Extreem x Dochter Leeuw turned into the undisputed stock father for Vercammen. His descendants have won for instance: first semi-nat. Blois 1,165 pigeons, first interprov. Blois 1,519 pigeons, second Dourdan 1,747 pigeons, 125th nat. Bourges 20,544 pigeons, 26th nat. Limoges 14,211 pigeons. The first nat. Bourges against 37,090 pigeons was a grandchild of De Leeuw as well.

Rik Hermans and L-B-J Geerinckx were the next fanciers to notice the achievements of Marcel Wouters. Rik has a nephew of De Leeuw in his loft and he bred the 1st nat. Bourges 24,676 pigeons, as well as a 2nd Olympiad Pigeon Yearlings in Poznan in 2011. Geerinckx did a joint breeding and the descendants have won, for instance: 1st prov. Argenton 971 pigeons, 3rd nat. Argenton 6,033 pigeons, 2nd prov. Montluçon, 3rd prov. Chateauroux 1,605 pigeons, 1st prov. Chateauroux 2,139 pigeons and 1st prov. Chateauroux 1,762 pigeons. The well known fanciers Willem de Bruyn and Ad Schaerlaekens were also looking for a better pigeon and they proved very successful with descendants of De Leeuw and Den Extreem. This is what made these two pigeons really world famous.


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