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Ludo Panis & Son,Diepenbeek

Superstars in Limburg from 100 – 500 km !


After many years of reign on the sprint and middle distance races, Ludo Panis and his son Jeroen, astonished Belgium and the rest of the pigeon world by winning 1. + 2. (BE20-105 ‘KIM’ = K 1) National Bourges old birds against 11.592 yearlings and on the same day 2. National Bourges against 8.409 old birds. A super result, as hardly never showed in Belgian pigeon history.

The superbreeder of the loft is ‘Super Dirk’, original Dirk Van Den Bulck – Grobbendonk. He became foundation breeder of this supreme loft. The last few years, the base was enhanced with the very best of Gebr. Van Den Brande, Ronny Smeers.

In this auction we can find the superhen ‘KIM’ – K 1, winner of 2. National Bourges 2021, some children of the very best breeders and 2 top result pigeons !

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