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Willy Everaert, Asse (BE) - 1

The 100% Soontjens loft!


Willy Everaert is known as the home of the pure 100% Soontjens pigeons. These pigeons are considered to be the fastest in the world. Willy started racing in 1981, just after his father - who was a pigeon fancier - died. Willy discovered the Soontjens lines in the 90’s and bought many of his basic Soontjens breeders at the wealthy German fancier Manfred Vossen. Manfred Vossen owned the best lines of Jos Soontjens, especially the line of ‘Tom’ and ‘Late Tom’, the stock sires of Soontjens. Later he also obtained pigeons at Pros Roosen, with children of ‘Computer I’ (9x 1. Prize) and ‘Computer II’ (13x 1. Prize), both are children to ‘Late Tom’. At Jacques Coninx he bought pigeons from the ‘Magic Star’-line, which are also grandchildren to ‘Computer II’. ‘Magic Star’ was the Belgian Olympic pigeon ‘Half Bottom Gran Canaria 1993’ and the best Belgian Middle-Distance pigeon KBDB 1994. This line strengthened the Soontjens strain of Willy Everaert even more. Currently, Willy Everaert is the only fancier who keeps the Soontjens line at 100%. The many references show that the Everaert pigeons are closely inbred and are therefore ideal for crossing.


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