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Bart Bassez, Dilsen-Stokkem (BE)

Bart Bassez, Dilsen-Stokkem (BE)

The National Winners of 2019, incl. parents


Bart Bassez is the ‘Golden Boy’ of pigeon racing. After a very successful auction on European Pigeon Website he started racing with a new team of youngsters in 2019, with only one goal; show outstanding results on the National races. It became a true success. He crossed the super bloodlines of Leo Heremans, Marc de Cock, Gebr. Herbots, Thys-Peters, Gommaire Verbruggen and Raoul & Xavier Verstraete and immediately won 2. and 10. National Chateauroux against 22.476 pigeons.

In this auction we present you ‘Poulidor Chateau’ and ‘Chateauroux Ten’, two champion racers at his loft. Both pigeons will be sold, together with their parents, in an exclusive auction on European Pigeon Website.


Parents to 'Poulidor Chateau', 2. National Chateauroux:



'Chateauroux Ten', 10. National Chateauroux:


Parents to 'Chateauroux Ten', 10. National Chateauroux:



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