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Dirk van Dyck, Zandhoven (BE)

Dirk van Dyck, Zandhoven (BE)

Full round of youngsters of 2019, 

incl. children to ‘Natalia’, ‘Kannibaal Jr.’ and ‘Little Queen’

The world-famous Dirk Van Dyck from Zandhoven hardly needs an introduction. His world-known pigeons like ‘Kannibaal’, ‘Di Caprio’ and ‘Olympic Niels’ gave the world outstanding descendants on sprint and middle-distance races. Super breeder ‘Di Caprio’ was bought from Heremans-Ceusters and gave many good offspring at the loft of Dirk Van Dyck. ‘Di Caprio’ is father of ‘Olympic Niels’, Olympiad pigeon Nitra 2013, but also grandfather to ‘Natalia’ 1. National Bourges 2014, ‘Friendship’ 1. National Chateauroux 2015 and many more.

European Pigeon Website will offer you this winter 2 full rounds of Dirk Van Dyck pigeons. The only 2 full rounds that will be for sale in 2019 in the world. In this unique group you will find children and grandchildren to all legendary breeders, including ‘Di Caprio’, ‘Olympic Niels’, ‘Natalia’, ‘Kannibaal Jr.’ and ‘Little Queen’! 

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