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Ulrich Lemmens, Balen (BE)

Ulrich Lemmens, Balen (BE)

Total racing team,

incl. 3. National Chateauroux against 27.081 birds!



With an age of 32 (born 1987) Ulrich Lemmens is one of the youngest pigeon fanciers of Belgium. But despite his age he has an absolute fabulous racing record. Ulrich Lemmens is grown up in a pigeon family, his grandfather Gust Lemmens was one of Belgium’s finest sprint fanciers and later on his father Jozef Lemmens jumped in the game as well. After Ulrich’s grandfather passed away, he took total control over the colony and decided to focus on the National races in the future. A new dynasty was built, based on selection, selection and selection.

Starting with a base of top sprint pigeons (19 x 1°, 17 x 1°, 13 x 1° and 11 x 1° prize winners) gives you an edge on the competition of course. Ulrich looked for the right pigeons to cross with this fantastic bloodline. He added some bloodlines from Theo Yskout, but also from the world-famous Kannibaal 6246005-1995 (Dirk Van Dyck), Lichte Bourges 6263512-1986 (Maurice Voets) and Freddy 4407032-1994 (Pros Roosen/Sablon).

One of the many highlights in his career is winning 1° National Champion Grand Middle Distance KBDB in 2014, becoming the absolute best loft of Belgium on the national 500 - 600km races. And that at the age of 27! This is a record that will probably last many years in Belgium pigeon sport.

Championship results:

1° National Champion KBDB Grand Middle Distance 2014

4° National Ace Pigeon KBDB Grand Middle-Distance Youngsters 2019

5° National Champion KBDB Long Distance 2016

6° National Ace KBDB Very Long Distance 2016

Super references in China:

The absolute highlight of all references came in by Mr. Lu Jing, he became winner of the Ace Pigeon of the Pioneer race. His foundation hen is 6086203-2009 “Beauty” she’s a half-sister to BE06-6087309.  This hen was purchased on the website of EPW and bred amazing winners for Mr. Ju Ling. Not only at the Pioneer Race this bloodline won a prize money and cars. But also, in other One Loft Races in China this bloodline has been in the top of the ranking.

The year 2018 was a very successful year for Ulrich Lemmens. Especially on the National race from Chateauroux his pigeons showed excellent results with ‘Jacky’ winning 3. National against 27.081 pigeons. In 2019 Ulrich continued showing excellent results on the National races. This winter European Pigeon Website presents you a special auction with ‘Jacky’, but also all other pigeons in the super team of racers!


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