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FBI Breeding Loft / Flanders Collection Ireland

Flanders Breeding Ireland (F.B.I.)

Total auction of all breeders and racers,

incl. 8 direct children to ‘Kittel’!


As known worldwide, Yannick Deridder and his partner Bruno Vandenbrande, bought the colony of Dirk Van Den Bulck in 2014. The Van den Bulck colony is one of most impressive collections in the world. Superstars like ‘Brother Goede Rode’, ‘Goede Rode’, ‘Olympic Rosita’, ‘Kittel’, ‘Greipel’, and many more moved to the breeding lofts of Flanders Collection. They proved to be super breeders. Their offspring is winning world-wide in races from 100 - 600 km. In 2015, Yannick and his best friend Sheldon Leonard (Arklow) started a new project, F.B.I. (Flanders Breeding Ireland), to give fanciers in Ireland and U.K. the opportunity to see the quality of the Van den Bulck pigeons before they buy. A new concept was born! Yannick & Sheldon made the agreement to breed highly exclusive youngsters from the star breeders according to the Flanders Collection breeding standards and quality control. F.B.I. is nowadays certificated as satellite breeding loft from Flanders Collection.

In 2019 Flanders Breeding Ireland had one of the best racing seasons ever. This made Yannick Deridder and Sheldon Leonard decide to bring their super collection of racers for sale. They signed an exclusive partnership deal with European Pigeon Website and decided to bring all breeders and racers into a superb total auction. In this auction you will find 8 direct children to ‘Kittel’, 5 direct children to ‘Greipel’, 3 direct children to ‘Rode Kittel’ and ‘Jack Daniels’ the super grandson to ‘Broer Goede Rode’. Besides many descendants to ‘Bolt II’ and ‘Jackpot 037’ (daughter Di Caprio) will be for sale. Keep an eye on our website for this highly exclusive auction!


In this auction:


'Princess Kittel' x 'Jack Daniels' are parents to 'Herbie's White Kittel', winner of 1. National Skibbereen 2017

A selection of children to 'Kittel' in this auction:






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