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Louis Beyers, Essen (BE) - Total auction of all racers and breeders

Louis Beyers, Essen (BE)

Total auction of all racers and breeders

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The final end of a super sprinter

Louis Beyers from Essen is a legendary super-sprinter in the North Antwerp Area, close to the Dutch border. For decades, Louis was a sprint champion on the highest level. National, Provincial Championships and Ace Pigeons, he won all. On the local level, he was unbeatable, all championship titles, Ace pigeons and an average of 10 to 15 first prizes each year was a normal thing to win.

A strong base of Gebr. Janssen, Arendonk pigeons

The loft of Louis Beyers was based on the old Gebr. Janssen, Arendonk bloodlines via Mees Doornekamp, the well-known Dutch champion. He created a super family of fantastic sprinters with as base pigeons BE03-147 ‘De 147’ and his magnificent son BE05-123 ‘Son 147’. Out of this base he created an own strain with several actual breeding stars. BE08-6352831 ‘Supersprinter’, BE10-6349012 ‘North Ace’ were the new breeding stars in the last few years. Louis never kept breeding pigeons, and just bred the youngsters out of his racers.


In the winter of 2018, Louis decided to stop with the sport because of his health. EPW bought all pigeons and made a very severe selection in this small colony. Louis was never occupied with pedigrees and names, he only loved the fast pigeons!




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