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Upcoming auction: Flanders Collection - Total auction until 2016 incl. a full round of youngsters

Flanders Collection, Liedekerke

All super breeders up to 2016, incl. a full round of youngsters



Flanders Collection from Liedekerke (BE) owns the most impressive collection Leo Heremans and Dirk van den Bulck pigeons world-wide. It is a special collection because of the long list of references. From China, USA, Australia to Belgium and the United Kingdom… all over the world these pigeons show top results and become National Acebirds. Flanders Collection will sell all their breeders up to 2016 at EPW, including a full round of youngsters of the best breeders!

The auction will be split up in two parts, one part with all the Van den Bulck breeders and their youngsters, in the other part there will be all the original Leo Heremans pigeons and their youngsters. In the first part the Dirk van den Bulck collection will be for sale, including many pigeons from ‘Brother Goede Rode 992’ x ‘40000 hen’. Another very important line is the ‘Olympic Rosita’ line. ‘Olympic Rosita’ herself was 1. Olympic Acebird, she is the mother to ‘Kittel’ and ‘Greipel’ and will be for sale in this auction. In the auction there will be also 7 full brothers and sisters to ‘Kittel’ for sale. Last but not least there will be 7 super breeding children to ‘Kittel’ in the auction. Actually, the current best breeding son to ‘Kittel’, named ‘Mealy Kittel’, will be for sale.

The second part of this auction will contain all super breeders of Leo Heremans. Original Heremans pigeons, as well as the super breeders bred by Flanders Collection. One of the main stars in the auction will be the father to the 1. National Bourges 2020, he is a full brother to ‘De 030’, 8. National Acebird KBDB at Leo Heremans. A second highlight in the auction will be the father to the 2. National Acebird 2016. This is a direct son to ‘Nieuwe Rossi’ x ‘Eenoogske’, he bred many 1 prize winners world-wide. Another star in the auction will be a double grandson to ‘Olympiade 003’, original Leo Heremans. He bred the 3. National Acebird Long Distance 2018 in The Netherlands. Also in the auction is ‘Leo Mealy Kittel 643’, one of the basic breeders at the loft.


- ‘Olympic Rosita’ (mother to ‘Kittel’ and ‘Greipel’)

- 12 direct children ‘Brother Goede Rode 992’ x ‘40000 hen’

- 7 full brothers and sisters of super sprinter ‘Kittel’

- 7 direct children of super sprinter ‘Kittel’

- ‘Brother 030’ (father to 1. National Chateauroux II Old ’20)

- ‘Son Nieuwe Rossi x Eenoogske’ (father to 2. National Acebird Short Distance PT ‘16)

- ‘Double Olympiad 003’ (mother to 3. National Acebird Long Distance Youngsters The Netherlands 2018)

And many more...

This super group of pigeons, with orginal Dirk van den Bulck and Leo Heremans pigeons, will be for sale at European Pigeon Website. The auction will start at November 29. 2020 and will expire on December 05. & 06. and December 12. & 13. 2020


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