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Upcoming auction: Total Auction Comb. Hilgersom-Tijssen, Stompwijk (NL)

Comb. Hilgersom-Tijssen, Stompwijk (NL)

Total auction of all super racers and breeders


Emiel Hilgersom, his father Theo and their friend Lex Tijssen represent the combination Hilgersom-Tijssen from Stompwijk (The Netherlands). This combination participates in the races in Afdeling 5, a strong competition with renowned fanciers like Gerard and Bas Verkerk, Peter van de Merwe, Willem de Bruijn and other top fanciers. In 2020 this combination had several 1 prize winners, including Teletext notations. Over the last 3 years they were more then 20 times winner of a 1 prize in their district. In 2018 the combination was crowned as 6. Best fancier of the Netherlands. Besides, they had the 5. National Acebird WHZB / TBOTB with ‘Sumo’. This strain of pigeons is able to win 1 prize on races from 100 – 700 kilometers. Basic pigeons at the loft come from Ad Schaerlaeckens, Heremans-Ceusters (via Gert-Jan Beute) and de Wit brothers.

'Snorlex', basic breeder from Ad Schaerlaeckens

One of their basic breeders is ‘Snorlex’, this cock is direct Ad Schaerlaeckens from the line of ‘New Sissy’ and ‘Home Alone’. ‘Snorlex’ is father to many 1. prize winners in the district and top 10 winners on the National races. One of the best sons of ‘Snorlex’ is ‘The Boss’. This pigeon was winner of 2. Acebird Overall in their district and also bred many children who were winner of top 10 results. ‘The Boss’ himself was also a very good racer, winning many top results. His mother comes from Gert-Jan Beute and is a full sister to NL10-4223036 ‘Damon’ and granddaughter to the famous ‘Jackpot’ by Heremans-Cuesters.


'Thom', 2. National Acebird and (grand-) father to many winners

Another basic breeder is ‘Thom’, this pigeon is at the base of the strain of Hilgersom-Tijssen. He was winner of 2. National Acebird Short Distance and Middle Distance in 2011. But above all, the combination bred very good pigeons from this bird, like the ‘418’ who became 10. National Acebird. But ‘Thom’ is also father to ‘Falabella’, a super breeding hen and mother to many 1 prize winners. The best daughter to ‘Falabella’ is NL17-443 ‘Daphne’, she became 1. Acebird Overall in District MHW, she was winner of many races. But also, children to this bird are winner of Teletext notations last year. Next to ‘Daphne’ there is also ‘Sky’, he is the best son to super breeder ‘Falabella’. ‘Sky’ was winner of 1. Acebird Overall, 1. Acebird Short Distance and 1. Acebird Middle Distance in the district. Besides, ‘Sky’ also gave them many good youngsters.

In 2020 Comb. Hilgersom-Tijssen decided to say goodbye to pigeon racing, because unfortunately father Theo can’t take care of the pigeons anymore due to his physical health situation. Because of this and a lack of time the combination is not able to perform on the highest level in the future. They decided to stop racing pigeons because they don’t want to do a step back.

This winter all pigeons will be for sale at EPW in a superb total auction. A close family of winners and excellent breeders will be sold. This auction will start on November 08. 2020 and will expire on November 14. – 15. 2020

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