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Upcoming auction: The Mike Ganus Collection

The Mike Ganus Collection

Offered by Karl Donnely


Mike Ganus is one of the leading fanciers in international pigeon racing. About 10 years ago Mike's primary focus was winning the biggest One Loft Races in the world. And without doubt we can say that he succeeded in doing this. At his lofts there are several One Loft Race champions. During the years he bought many winners of the famous One Loft Races in the world, especially in the South Africa Million Dollar Pigeon Race (SAMDPR). Mike owns an impressive collection of SAMDPR winners, they are all at his breeding loft now.

A breeding loft with true SAMDPR champions

Basic pigeons at the loft are SAMDR Final Race winners ‘Untamed Desert’ and ‘Said in Spun Silver’. This last pigeon is breeder of GFL-267-2005 ‘Laura is a Big Winner Today’, she won 1. Prize SAMDPR in the Final Race! Besides winning the South African Million Dollar Final race Mike also dominated the Victoria Falls International One Loft Races. It was ‘Red Monkey’ who was winner of 1. and 3. prize in the final of the 2017 edition. But also, in the list with Grand Ace Pigeon the name of Mike Ganus was in the top 10.


Super breeders 'Sun City' and 'Wolverine'

Another key breeder is ‘Sun City’. He is father to 2 winners in the final races of the SAMDPR: ‘Laura is a big winner today’ (1. Place SAMDPR Final Race winner 2016) and ‘Rubellos’ (1. Place SAMDPR Final Race winner 2012). Last but least, at the lofts of Mike Ganus it is the bloodline of ‘Wolverine’ that proved to be the NR 1. Bloodline for winning one loft races in the world!  Over $1,000,000 USD has been won with the ‘Wolverine’ bloodline! This family proved to be winner of races until 640 km., with head winds and hot weather. A few of the best descendants to ‘Wolverine’ are:

- ‘Red Monkey’ – 1. Place Victoria Falls Final Race winning $200,000 USD

- ‘Hildabeast’ – 2. Place, 2 bird drop, Hoosier Classic 350 miles Final Race 2020, winning $175,000 USD

- ‘Mike has a very good one’ - winning over $100,000 USD is the SAMDPR. Grm. to + $500,000 USD in winnings

- ‘Jaws 1’ – 2. Place Victoria Falls Final Race winning $100,000 USD

- ‘Pirate’ – 3. Place, 2. Ace Pigeon Crooked River Final Race 2020, 350 miles, winning $62,173 USD

Karl Donnely from Dublin Ireland noticed the impact of the pigeons of Mike Ganus and decided to invest in only the best from the this super OLR loft. Children to all champion breeders came to his loft. And immediately the descendants of these pigeons were succesful. It was IHUS17-330 ‘Junior 2’ who was winner of 5. Prize Final Race SAMDR 2018. He is born from a direct son to super breeder ‘Ornat’ x ‘Miss Marsuplimani’ by F.B.I. racing and breeding. ‘Miss Marsupilami’ is bred from the best of Freddy and Jacques Vandenheede x Daniel Ariens.

Now, in 2021 Karl decided to sell his super collection of Mike Ganus pigeons. All top breeders, including a superb group of children of these breeders will be sold on European Pigeon Website.

In this auction you will find:

- ‘Junior 2’ incl. parents – winner of 5. Prize Final Race SAMDR 2018 (110.000 Dollar winner)

- 2 daughters ‘Said in Spun Silver’ x ‘Robben Island’

- 1 son ‘Wolverine’ x ‘Laura is a Big Winner Today’

- 3 sons to super breeder ‘Ornat’

- 1 daughter ‘Strain Maker’ x ‘Halover’

- 1 daughter ‘Africa Queen’

- 1 grandson ‘Mona Lisa’, etc.


Picure above: AU2018-GFL-99, one of the highlights in the auction

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