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Upcoming auction: Richard Faber, Westzaan

Richard Faber, Westzaan

Super Results with a small colony!

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Richard Faber, is a very busy crane worker and is also working at the National Train Service in the Netherlands. He could’t race his pigeons without the help of his wife Claudia. Despite the lack of time, he is one of the leading fanciers on the races between 450 and 700 km. in the highly competitive Afdeling 6 ‘North Holland’.

A solid strain, based on the pigeons of Pieter Veenstra

Besides the prize-winning pigeons of Comb. Kat & Son (Westzaan) that are housed at the lofts of Richard Faber, he also invested a lot in the pigeons of Pieter Veenstra, Drachtstercompagnie. One of these purchases is NL12-105 ‘Black Rolex’, he is already father of: 1. Argenton NPO against 2.853 birds, 1. Pithiviers against 1.262 birds, 1. Peronne against 1.194 birds, 4. Argenton NPO against 4.138 birds, 5. Peronne NPO against 8.578 birds, 6. Pithiviers NPO against 5.717 birds, 6. Chateauroux NPO against 4.486 birds and 14. Chateauroux NPO against 4.067 birds. ‘Black Rolex’ also became grandfather of ‘Joy Boy’ (raced by J. & J. Kaman, Wormerveer), winner of: 1. Acebird Long Distance ‘Pipa Ranking’ 2017, but also winner of 2. Bourges NPO, 3. La Souterainne NPO and 5. Argenton NPO. Another superb pigeon is his nestmate NL12-106 ‘Blue Rolex’, he became father to a.o.: 10. Bourges NPO Z. against 4.639 birds, 12. Bourges NPO against 6.553 birds, 35. Asse Zellik Afd. against 12.013 birds, 99. Bourges NPO against 3.944 birds, 1. Bourges against 755 birds, 1. Asse Zellik against 173 birds and 3. Asse Zellik against 1.351 birds. ‘Blue Rolex’ is also grandfather to 1. Issoudun NPO against 4.235 birds.


A superb auction with a selection of result pigeons

In this auction (2 parts), you can find a super selection of result pigeons, all close related to these super breeders! Highlights in this auction are ‘Russel’ (K1), winner of 13. Nat. Acebird Long Distance WHZB/TBOTB 2020 and ‘Anna van der Breggen’ (K11), winner of:
- 2. Nat. Acebird Long Distance ‘Eendaagse Fondspiegel’ 2016
- 5. Nat. Acebird Long Distance NPO 2016
- 6. Nat. Olympiadbird Cat. H Holland 2017, etc.


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