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Upcoming auction: Flanders Collection, Liedekerke (BE)

Flanders Collection, Liedekerke (BE)

The Golden Collection of Dirk van den Bulck and Leo Heremans!

A full round of youngsters from the best breeders!

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The interprovincial races from Quiévrain & Noyon are the absolute top of the Belgian Short Distance races. It is the pinnacle for the passionate fanciers who like to participate in the sprint races. That is also the focus of the tandem Deridder-Van Den Brande. In 2021 their pigeons were basketed for the races from Noyon, week after week striving for the highest speeds and chain results against many other pigeons. That's what it is all about in Liedekerke. The result? 14x 1st prize and 7x 2nd prize in the strong ‘Pajot-Dender’ district against the old birds and/or yearlings in 2021. On the base of this success are the pigeons from Leo Heremans and Dirk van den Bulck. Many came to the breeding lofts of Yannick Deridder in Liedekerke, also known as Flanders Collection. It is ‘Kittel’, born and raced at the lofts of Dirk Van Den Bulck, who has brought the results at his own breeding and racing loft, as well as in many other international top lofts to a remarkable high level. He became National Ace pigeon KBDB in 2013 with an incredible coefficient of 0.95%, and later became a breeding icon in Belgian pigeon history in the breeding lofts of Flanders Collection. The successes and influence on National Championships in different countries such as Great Britain, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, USA, China, Australia, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Kuwait, United Emirates, Poland, Austria is never seen before. In 2022 Flanders Collection will bring a full round of youngsters from the best breeders into a superb auction on European Pigeon Website!

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