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Auction rules

1. Registration:

To place a bid on you must first register. If you click on the button will automatically register with a questionnaire.
If you have fully completed and confirmed you will receive an email with your information and how to activate your account.

2. Auction rules:
• All pigeon start with a minimum bid.
• The starting bid must equal or exceed the minimum starting bid. It is possible to set a maximum bid. Your bid will automatically be increased. With about bid your bid will be increased to up to your maximum bid that you specified.
• The offer is in steps: If the price is less than 500 euro less than 25 euros higher offer. If price is between 500 and 1000 euro: at least 50 euros higher offer. If the price is higher than $ 1,000: minimum 100 Euro higher offer.
• Extending the auction, if we received a bid within eight minutes before the end of the auction then the closing time of 8 minutes with this pigeon extended. Etc etc..
• The winner of the auction is the one with the highest bid at the end of the auction.
• The server clock is the final arbiter at the end of the auction
• Payment: If the auction is over, the seller and buyer receive an email with information about the completion of this sale. After this mail, the buyer as soon as the outstanding amount. Not until the full amount is received, the buyer will receive the dove. Payments must be made by bank transfer or direct payment checks are not accepted. If the buyer after 7 days still has not paid the buyer loses the right to the pigeon. The seller and EPW will then discuss what steps to take.
• The buyer pays the transportation cost (if the pigeons are not immediately picked up), the transport can be arranged if required by EPW, this is no profit.
• The seller is responsible for ensuring that all information published is correct. Only when the sex of young birds is an indicator, not a guarantee and therefore no reason to buy the amount of not to comply.

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